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A new Chill-out Electronic Soundtrack Album for your Digital Lifestyle, by Adriana Kaegi

Trendsetter, and timely groovemaker, on 'EDM For Living," Adriana Kaegi proves she is still a mistress of the sweet spot we all love that hovers between music, fashion and fun.

Some of Adriana’s Collaborations and Solo Works


As a true visionary with

creative trendsetting

records dating back to

the early 1980′s Adriana

co-founded, together

with August Darnell, and

Coati Mundi, the legendary

band Kid Creole and the


Her singular contributions

as choreographer/costume

designer and “Mama Coconut”

helped earn the band

“Best International Live Act”

at the British Music Awards,

as well as several gold

records. Some of the A-list

appearances and shows that

stand out from the 15 years

of touring the world include

being on The Tonight Show,

Saturday Night Live,

and in the movie

Against All Odds, as well as

President Bush Sr.’s

White House inauguration,

the 40th anniversary of

the U.N., a benefit hosted

by Princess Diana, and a

performance at Carnegie

Hall with Cab Calloway

and multiple world tours.

Adriana’s Documentary film:

"Kid Creole and my Coconuts"

(available on and on Roku and AmazonFireTV)

When Ms.Kaegi was introduced

to the internet by the owners

of Razorfish in 1986, she

immediately saw the unlimited

potential for her creativity and

started a monthly interactive,

live webcast series

from the Knitting factory

in NYC. Voted best live

webcast by C/Net and Yahoo.

She got noticed by the first

streaming media group Globix

and was asked to join their

team. Adriana chose fashion

as her vertical and soon

became a pioneer, bringing

NYFW runway shows to the

internet, with distribution

partners, and from 1987-2021.

Today, Ms. Kaegi is EP of her LLC,

producing and publishing

premium video content.

She has aquired global

distribution partners

and together with

created her own streaming

channel,, together

counting 47mil. views in 2021.

Look out for more NFT drops,

new music, photos

and videos. @AdrianaKaegi

For info, collaborations and bookings:

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